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How To Stop Coronavirus Caller Tune - Apex Gyan

How To Stop Coronavirus Caller TuneSeem company has started a unique initiative in view of Coronavirus. As part of this initiative, a ringtone is played when users call, telling them how to avoid Coronavirus. Users should note that they will not have to pay any charge for this ringtone. Is spreading rapidly.

A lot of cases have been reported so far. Health advisories are constantly being issued by the government and the health department. In such a situation, Seam Company has started a unique initiative. Under this initiative, information related to Coronavirus is being given in India to the user on calling

Coronavirus terror:

Coronavirus has spread terror not only in the lives of people but also in the ears! You must have understood the matter. Actually, whenever people call someone, they get information about how to avoid the Coronavirus by ringing the bell. People have got upset due to this. We are not seeing this, but seeing the condition of Twitter's public. Yes, the public is expressing its pain. Some people are saying that the Chinese are troubled by Coronavirus, whereas we here are troubled by the collar tune of Coronavirus.

Around 100 countries of the world are currently vulnerable to Coronavirus. In Italy, the Coronavirus is out of control. So far, more than 100 cases have been reported in India. Government and health agencies are also working on awareness for Coronavirus. Recently, telecom companies have also issued a caller tune on awareness of Coronavirus, but people have been troubled by this Coronavirus caller tune.

Not only in the country, but there are also deaths due to Coronavirus in the world. While on the one hand the government and different departments are engaged in making people aware of this disease at their level, on the other hand, the big telecom companies of the country, Reliance Jio, BSNL, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea have alerted people about it. The Halotune of Coronavirus has been set on the numbers of all its users.

After this, whenever you call someone or if someone calls you, instead of ringing, you hear the message of the Coronavirus patient coughing and alerting him. While some people are saying this message right, some people are starting to look annoyed by it.

If you are also among those who have been upset after hearing this cough of a patient of Coronavirus, then there is no need to be disturbed anymore. A solution has been found with the help of which you can avoid hearing this scary and weird coughing tune. Here we are going to tell you to step by step process after which you will not listen to these strange tunes.

People are making fun of the caller tune with Coronavirus on social media. People have to say whether people die or not from coronavirus, but this caller tune coughing will definitely kill people. Well, if you too are upset with this caller tune, then let us tell you how to turn it off….

How to close Coronavirus Caller Tune? Turn off the coronavirus caller tune like this.

How to Stop Coronavirus Caller Tune? Please, we request all of you, contribute to this right step of the government, for a few days you will definitely be upset, but what can be known from your small troubles can save the lives of millions. Sorry, we did not tell the trick to my users because we do not give any wrong things to our website.

Note- Through this news, our aim is not to obstruct the government's conscious campaign of coronaviruses, but it is news for those who have been troubled by hearing the same message again and again. And in this, I have wrongly tried to give the right message to the people and here I have not told any trick.

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Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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